The Parasite and The Fool. Part 1.

This was the last time she would steal from me!
The first time was many years back, when we were teenagers, Olanna was a year older. Her stature and carriage dwarfed my tiny frame. I lived in her shadow, did her bidding, but also enjoyed her companionship. Weird right?
But how could it be weird? Olanna protected me, she had my back. She didn’t allow anyone bully me, she was my protector, my adviser, my friend. She would often “borrow” stuff from me with the promise to return, but never did and I never asked or perhaps, I was too shy to ask…I don’t know.
Growing up, I may have been shy in many areas, but when it came to the gift of creativity, I blossomed. Ideas were always bubbling in my head. It kept me up late at night, caused me to smile in my sleep, it was my opium. I almost always thought up new concepts for a dance, drama or music. You could say I saw things in 3D. Hmm… at such a young age, if this country was what it was meant to be I would have been discovered right from my mother’s womb (sigh).
Olanna on the other hand was an executor, a go-getter, never taking no for an answer and would push till she got a breakthrough.
We were both creatives, you see and we took part in anything that spoke to production first in school and then our local assembly. Inspiration never failed me. Though, I wasn’t confrontational with my ideas, I was always eager to share them with her and some days she would caution me,
“Take it easy, your ideas sometimes feel like they are from Mars”.
Then, I would slide back into her shadow or hide away scribbling my ideas in my jotter. One fateful day, I shared a production concept with her…

Watch out for part 2