Fidson Tuxil

  • Client NameFidson Healthcare Plc.

  • DateApril, 2021

  • CategoryTV Commercial

Fidson Tuxil

Client Name
Fidson Healthcare Plc.
April, 2021
TV Commercial

It’s game night at the Bensons’ and everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening. However, as the games get progress, father pays a huge price when his gameplan is botched when a bad cold gets in the way. 

While father struggles with a cold, the son also comes down with cough. Mom immediately administers Tuxil on them both to protect the family.  Free from the cold, father is eventually able to execute his game plan, while Tuxil gradually takes effect on the children. Tuxil, a cyrup with both night and day variants for drowsy and non-drowsy effects respectively, is effective in the treatment of cough and cold in children and adults alike.

 Fidson Healthcare Plc is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Nigeria. Founded in 1995, they have relentlessly pursued their goal of becoming a leading player in the pharmaceutical landscape in Nigeria and West Africa. They have built and cultured an organizational framework that has helped them gain steady ascendancy in the industry. They have crafted the pharmaceutical architecture of the industry over the years of existence, playing very defining roles in the emergence of the new generation of industry players. Their core values: Innovation, Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Ownership form the substructure on which they have built a world-class company that has earned the respect and admiration of even the fiercest of our competitors.

They currently run a CGMP compliant manufacturing facility and are one of a few Nigerian pharmaceutical manufacturers that are candidates for the WHO GMP certification.