The Polygamist

  • Client NameKingsWord Ikeja

  • DateOctober, 2017

  • CategoryShort Film

The Polygamist

Client Name
KingsWord Ikeja
October, 2017
Short Film

THE POLYGAMIST - Written and directed by Nwando Alayande

Chief is married to three wives Iyabo, Rahila and Nne. Together they have a fairly large family, including Americanah, his daughter, an unsuccessful returnee.  Interestingly, none of the wives lays claims to any of the children, as allegiance goes to any party that seems to have the advantage at any given circumstance. 

Though Chief is wealthy and highly influential, he is seen weighed down by the shenanigans of his wives and children as everyone wants a piece of him to themselves with no recourse to how it affects him. 

As the story progresses, we see a build up of intrigue, hostility, greed, betrayal and outright selfishness viciously playing out among the characters, albeit indirectly against Chief, which almost claimed his life. 

The Polygamist is a satirical comedy about Nigeria, fused music.