Wessy Tailoring Academy

  • ClientWessy Creations Limited

  • DateMarch 2020

  • CategoryTV Commercial

Wessy Tailoring Academy

Wessy Creations Limited
March 2020
TV Commercial

Wessy Creations Limited is a leading tailoring and fashion designing brand with a strong bias for training and capacity development for thousands of young, new entrants and experienced tailors who want to establish distinguished careers in tailoring. 

Based in Ogun state, South-West Nigeria, the company produces thousands of garments per year and trains hundreds of professionals, from all over the country, in the art of garment design and manufacturing.

Established over thirty- five years ago, but fully incorporated in 2013, Wessy Creations Limited provides trendy and exceptional tailoring and fashion designing services to clients across the country, with an eye on the continent and Europe for export.

Their products include all kinds of African attires as well as overalls, casuals, uniforms, boiler suits as well as military and paramilitary wears.

The fashion house is well on its way to being a leading tailoring production hub, not just in Nigeria, but in Africa.